3 Things To Consider Before Going For A Winery Tasting

When was the last time you went on a vacation devoid of fixed schedules and stress? Well, in that case, a custom wine tour, like the Hobart wine tours, might just be what you need.

Anyone who has ever been on a wine tour will know how refreshing it is. These tours are accompanied by beautiful wineries and delicious wines which appeal to your senses. You can even put your favourite winery on the list of places to visit.

With the global wine tourism market at an all-time high, it is not difficult to find the best wine tour either. In fact, in Australia alone, there have been 5.5 million visitors reported to visit a winery.

Australians love their wines and are not shy of spending the bucks. In 2020, $5.9 billion were spent on trips and average stays to wineries. Fortunately, tour packages, like the Hobart wine tours, can offer a more customised and cost-effective adventure.

But before you add walking through the enchanting vineyards to your bucket list this year, you need to know a few things.

The following tips will help you choose the best vineyard experience of your life.

Choose the type of wine and winery.

The kind of destination you pick plays a crucial role in your experience. So, the first thing to do is choose the wine and winery type when planning a tour.

Now, there are many regions around the world famous for producing wine. You can choose tours in France, Napa Valley, etc. Or, if you are looking to go somewhere local for a quick trip, you can choose a place in Australia too.

After all, the country has some really fascinating winemaking history that began in the 19th century. The Hunter Valley, in the north of Sydney in NSW, is one of Australia’s oldest and most significant wine regions.

You can pick other options too. The best part is that these wineries offer a wide range of wines you can taste. There are many options, like white, red, rose, or sparkling.

If you are unsure of your wine preference, you can choose a place that offers all these varieties. Or, you can hire a packaged tour, like Hobart wine tours, to plan the day for you.

Pay attention to the time of year.

When planning any trip, you must consider the time of the year as each region has different weather. So, choosing suitable weather and favourable activities will benefit your experience during travel.

Usually, summer and fall are one of the busiest seasons in many places. So, those looking to avoid crowds may not enjoy the experience.

Usually, in Australia, the best time to go on a wine trip is between April and early June. This is because most wineries conduct various festivals and special events during these months.

Choosing the grape harvesting time for a wine tour is also a great idea since the vineyards will be filled with ripe fruit. In Australia, the season for fresh grapes starts in November and ends in May. So, you may want to plan ahead and book in advance if you wish for an enriched experience.

Pick destinations that offer more than a winery.

It is also a good idea to choose wine tour destinations with more than just vineyards. Walking through the same vineyard over and again may soon become boring.

Since vineyards are usually spread across large areas of land, you can probably find more than one winery in a region. So, you might want to choose a region with more than one winery so that you can visit different places during your trip.

You should also find out if the destinations have eateries nearby that offer authentic food. This will add to your enjoyment as you sip your favourite drink and enjoy the local cuisines simultaneously.

With the tips mentioned above, you can plan the most enjoyable and memorable wine tour. Just make sure to do the research, plan ahead, and figure out your preferences. If you feel this to be too overwhelming, you can always consult some experts around the area.

But always pay attention to the factors discussed, and your winery visit will be very fulfilling. One thing is certain, and this is an experience you will never regret.

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