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controlling function of management example

The controlling function of management is an integral part of any organisation. Without control, people tend to become careless and do things without considering their consequences. Therefore, control is a necessary component of all activities in an organisation. The purpose of the controlling process is to monitor and evaluate progress and ensure that the output is as good as possible. As a result, the following are some examples of the functions of controlling:: * Monitoring and evaluation

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* Reassessing employee performance. This requires a careful review of each employee’s performance against the standards. This process is necessary in order to ensure that employees are delivering up to standard. If employees are not meeting the standards, the manager must take corrective action. The controlling function is an important aspect of management. It should not be confused with directing the business or taking orders. Instead, it should guide and motivate the employees to deliver results.

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* Keeping track of the performance of the entire company. This function focuses on monitoring the performance of every employee at all levels. It is important to keep an eye on their performance and take corrective action when necessary. Failure to monitor employee performance can result in losing business. The controlling function of management example, then, should be used in business. The goal of management is to maximize the success of the enterprise. The best way to achieve it is to establish a standard for the organization.

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