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Burger King in India Menu

While burger King is known in the US for serving non-vegetarian whoppers, it hasn’t had much success in India. As the country is home to a huge population of vegetarians, the chain wanted to tap into the demand by introducing a more inclusive menu. The burger chain has recently opened its first outlet in New Delhi. There are a few differences in the Indian menu, however.

The Crispy Vegetable Burger costs Rs 39 and comes with Aloo patty. The non-vegetarian menu is packed with non-vegetarian options as well. The Crispy Vegetable Burger is the perfect combination of chicken and vegetables and tastes delicious and is prepared quickly. For vegetarians, the price of these meals is more affordable than at other burger restaurants. Those who don’t like eggs can try the Stunner Menu, which includes a vegetarian burger, a peri-peri rice bowl, and a Veg Crunchy Volcano.

There are more than ten thousand Burger King locations in India. These locations have a huge variety of menu items, including a selection of classic burgers, salads, wraps, and sides. Menu prices range from Rs55 to Rs833, depending on the size and the number of toppings you choose. In India, the Whopper is priced at Rs55 while a Classic Burger costs Rs833.

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