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Conductor And ContentKing – A Holistic Platform For Search Engine Optimisation

A recent $150 million funding round for Conductor has prompted the company to acquire ContentKing, a company that offers real-time search engine optimisation monitoring. Conductor intends to package ContentKing’s know-how into its platform, creating a comprehensive search engine optimisation solution for enterprises. ContentKing’s technology works by alerting marketing teams to issues before they affect rankings and proactively addressing them. It also learns which areas of a web site need more frequent monitoring, allowing the platform to prioritise problems that may affect an enterprise.

By combining their technologies, Conductor and ContentKing will help organic marketers unlock greater impact and speed. The companies’ teams will be able to work more efficiently and focus on high-impact activities, and they will have greater access to each other’s expertise. Both companies believe in the potential of the combination to further advance the SEO industry. They look forward to furthering their commitment to customer success and innovation. The companies will now be able to provide greater support for their users and improve the customer experience.

The deal also creates a holistic platform that will provide marketers with a comprehensive SEO solution. ContentKing’s real-time monitoring capabilities will help Conductor provide a more complete solution for marketers. The company also plans to integrate ContentKing’s enterprise-level organic marketing platform with its own 24/7 technical monitoring capabilities. With this acquisition, Conductor is positioned to establish itself as a leader in the technical SEO space.

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