How Many Slides Are in a Startup Pitch?

How many slides are in a startup pitch? It depends. Some companies include financial projections and business models, while others just focus on the idea they’re pitching. In any case, the number of slides depends on the type of business. The more relevant the information, the more effective your pitch will be. A pitch deck should highlight key aspects of the business, from its strategy and vision to its customer base and financials.

Statistics and metrics are important parts of slide decks, but they’re not easy to remember. Some numbers are buried in long paragraphs, or muddled together with less important findings. When your audience sees a key metric on a single slide, they’re more likely to remember the rest of the information. This is a strategy called metric slide strategy. The more important metric is, the more likely it is that your audience will concentrate on it, and they’ll remember related information.

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The number of slides in a startup pitch deck is dependent on its audience and the stage of the business. If you’re an early-stage startup with no financials or IP, you don’t need many slides. In fact, you may even need as few as 10 slides. However, in more mature startups, the number of slides should be higher, since you’re not going to have a full overview of your business at that stage.

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