How to Get Rare Blue Cards in SmutStone

If you are looking for tips on how to get rare blue cards in SmutStone, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you about the story of this popular mobile RPG game and will provide you with some useful information on other similar games. In the end, we will Hubpost show you how to get rare blue cards without cheating. In this article, we will show you how to get rare blue cards in SmutStone without cheating.

Story of SmutStone

The Story of Smutstone is a fantasy card game in which you play as a dude who is sucked into a magical realm. You have a weird companion who helps you learn the ropes. The goal is to fight and have sex with every monster and creature in the land. Once you’ve mastered the basics of the game, you can advance to the next level and win. The game’s premise is simple but entertaining.

In order to win the game, you have to construct a deck of cards. Each card has its own ability, value, and character. However, this game lacks in strategy because cards are drawn randomly. Moreover, many game decisions are made based on dice rolls. So, it may be tempting to skip this tango game until you’ve mastered its basic mechanics. There’s no other card game quite like it.

The game is similar to Hearthstone in that it has a lot of features like purchasing gems and unlocking new characters. It’s also possible to sign in to Smutstone without spending any money. The sign in process is simple and can be done without any hassle. Unlike other card games, you can choose to spend real money or play the game for free. You can also purchase credits and gold. The main advantage of having a SmutStone profile is that it keeps track of your achievements and progress.

Similar games to SmutStone

In SmutStone and similar games, you can gain access to rare blue cards by completing quests and daily wins. The most common quest gives you three mythic cards. These cards have special abilities and make your other cards stronger. Here are some tips to help you get them:

SmutStone has great erotic scenes, realistic anatomy, and quality artwork. There are no scenes that break the immersion, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing porn games. If you like SmutStone and other similar games, you should give them a try! These games are similar but feature completely different gameplay. If you like SmutStone but are not sure if it’s for you, read on for more information.

Ways to get rare blue cards

SmutStone is a card game that is reminiscent of Hearthstone. The main difference between SMUTSTONE and other card games is that you can spend real money on gems, instead of the in-game currency. You can also play without spending money by spending gems on other things, such as equipment. Here are a few tips for earning gems in SmutStone.


One of the most important aspects of SmutStone is its saucy cut-scenes. You can earn more scenes by strengthening your cards. You will also receive points for improving your deck. As you progress in the game, you will earn rare blue cards. This will boost news for web your deck, which will help you win more battles and unlock more scenes. You can also level up your deck in order to unlock more scenes, such as the famous “sex scene” that rewards players for boosting their cards.

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