Is Being Fashionable Easier For Men Than It Is For Women?

Whether it is the rise of celebrity style or simply the fashion of the men’s wardrobe, many men are embracing previously considered feminine items, such as dresses. Kanye West recently wore a floral Celine tunic to Coachella, and Marc Jacobs has been rocking Comme des Garcons kilts for a few years now. And we can’t forget A$AP Rocky, who often wears skirts from Hood by Air. filmefy

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In terms of fashion, men have historically shown a greater interest in style than women. King Louis XVI, for instance, wore high-heeled shoes and hose to emphasize his calves. In the 18th century, he also donned a high wig to add height. He was not the first man to wear a skirt, but he certainly took the fashion world by storm bet6.

Gender-neutral clothing is becoming increasingly popular amongst the younger generations. Some even argue that gender- giniloh neutral clothing is more universal than modern western society has historically conceived it. Many cultures wear robes and skirts as their clothing, demonstrating that men can also look stylish. While pants and dresses have traditionally been associated with femininity, this was not always the case. Dresses were worn by both sexes throughout history. thedocweb

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