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The Use of Social Media Tools in the Classroom: Perceptions Among Community College Students

In recent years, teachers have been hesitant to introduce popular social media platforms into the classroom. They worry that students will use these tools inappropriately or that they will become victims of cyber bullying. Educators are also concerned that social media integration might open students up to online content that their parents might find objectionable barder.

Despite these concerns, longtime educator and independent learning consultant Lainie Rowell believes that tvboxbee teachers should use social media as educational technology because it can engage students in powerful learning opportunities. In fact, she points to multiple examples in which social media has been a great learning tool for her students jigaboo.

The Advantages of Social Media for a Leadership Class

One of the most frequently reported advantages of using social media in the leadership classroom was its ability to make information exchange faster. For example, one student mentioned that if he had questions about an assignment, he could post them on his wall and other students would be able to respond to him quickly therightmessages.

The Advantages of Social Media for a Teaching Method

Another frequently reported advantage was that it allowed teachers to communicate more easily and effectively with their students. For example, a teacher might post a reminder about a due date or share an inspirational quote on Twitter to inspire students distresses.

The Disadvantages of Social Media for a Teaching Method

The most common disadvantage that students reported stylesrant was that using social media in the classroom might create a distraction or cause them to lose control over their attention span in the classroom. Other students reflected that using social media in the classroom could lead to poorer performance in their courses precipitous.

The Disadvantages of Social Media in a Leadership Class

Several disadvantages that students reported were related to the psychological attitude they had toward social media as a tool. For example, some students were uncomfortable with using social media in their classes because they feared it could interfere with their academic goals. Others felt that social media was not a good tool for their learning needs and therefore wanted to maintain a personal and academic distinction mypba.

The Disadvantages of Social Media at a Four-Year University

A fourth common disadvantage that students reported was the perception that they would not be able to thetalka transfer into a four-year school after attending the CC. This perception was based on the idea that students might not be successful in a cross-enrolled course or that support available to them at their home CC would not be available at a four-year campus voxbliss.

Although these perceptions may seem a little counter-intuitive, it is important for colleges to understand how students perceive their experiences at the college and how that perception might influence future decisions about whether or not to enroll in the institution. By understanding the underlying reasons that students are choosing to attend the college, colleges can better promote these benefits and help ensure students have a positive college experience celebrow.

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