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Ways to Clean a Carpet at Home

Your home decor reflects your taste. It also sets the mood for home parties or celebrations. The most prominent part of your furnishings is the cosy and warm carpet. Carpets protect the flooring and provide warmth by preventing the cold floor from radiating its temperature. They add to the room’s character by making it look rich and elegant. However, the task of carpet cleaning is quite daunting. Not to forget, the number of spills on the carpet daily may add to the struggle of the owners to keep them clean.

Many companies offer carpet cleaning services. They apply techniques to clean your carpet and make it look brand new thoroughly. As they employ highly knowledgeable technicians who study the carpet fabric and the type of stain, carpet cleaners can employ the best methods that suit the fabric and stain. This helps retain the carpet texture and fabric quality while eradicating the stain.

One must regularly clean carpets as they hold dust particles from shoes, endure food spills and ink spots, and retain hair and pet excrement. The accumulation of such waste on the carpet may give off a foul smell and change its appearance. This might be a serious concern as it can affect the health of kids and elders in the family.

Professional carpet cleaners will use sophisticated methods to spruce up your carpets. They can also recommend various methods to clean the carpet superficially and deeply at home. Here are some of those handy methods.

Methods to Clean Carpets at Home

#1 Cleaning Dust Particles

One can remove dust particles and allergens from the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. Make sure you vacuum the carpet after thoroughly cleaning the vacuum filters.

#2 Removing Stains

Make sure you remove the stains immediately after they are made. Wet stains can be blotted using tissue or cloth, while solid stains like food spills can be removed using sharp-edged objects. Apply shaving cream to remove tough stains. Follow a stain removal chart to know the specific formulations used to treat stains.

#3 Removal of Hair

Hair loss is a common problem. Free hairs end up getting tangled in the carpet fibres. Furry pets also shed their hair on carpets. You can easily remove hair from the carpet using a comb or wet squeegee.

#4 Disinfectant with Vinegar Solution

Your carpet contains allergens and dust particles, which cause infections and diseases if left untreated. You wouldn’t want to end up with a terrible cough or aggravate a dust allergy. Diluted vinegar can act as a disinfectant. Spray this solution to kill the germs on your carpet at home.

#5 Ice for Gums

Kids might accidentally or intentionally drop or stick chewing gum on carpets, which makes them look shabby. Also, no one wants to step on a piece of gum and dislodge it from the grooves of their footwear. Ice can come to the rescue as you can use it to remove gum from the surface of the carpets.

#6 Baking Soda and Salt

You can also use baking soda and salt to remove difficult stains from the carpet. Sprinkle the mixture onto the carpet and scrub it. Remove the excess mixture and allow the carpet to air out. After this, vacuum the carpet to make it look clean and neat.

Final Thoughts

Carpet cleaning is an essential task you must include in your daily chores. This helps in maintaining a healthy and clean home space. Follow these methods to clean the carpet at home and experience the great results that follow. As much as you clean your carpet, at some point, you will require professional carpet cleaning services. They have knowledge and tools the average homeowner might not possess. They will restore your carpet to a pristine state. Contact them today.

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